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Exclusions To The Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

The following exclusions apply to ALL pre-paid funeral plans available from Caring Assured.

The range of pre-paid funerals starts with the Rutland, a simple basic funeral through the Conway and Canterbury to the Sunningdale the most comprehensive funeral. Please contact us for more information.

  1. The provision of the funeral directors services
  2. Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements as per your instructions
  3. Provision of necessary staff
  4. Advice on the certification and registration of death, also related documentation
  5. Provision of a high quality mahogany or oak coffin with double raised lid, panelled sides, fitted with superior handles, interior fitted with satin dressing gown robe, alternatively using the deceased’ own clothes
  6. The transfer of the deceased from the place of death (up to twenty five running miles)
  7. A full listing of donations and distribution of same to a charity of your choice and notifiation of listing to your next of kin
  8. Care of the deceased prior to cremation or burial
  9. The use of a private chapel of rest and associated facilities during normal business hours
  10. The provision of a hearse and one limousine for the service at a local crematorium or cemetery
  11. A full listing of persons attending the funeral
  12. This funeral also includes the fees payable to the doctors, crematorium and minister
  13. Assuring you of our complete attention at all times and that the funeral will be carried out in a professional and dignified manner

Contact your local Brian Sharples & Son Branch for more information