What To Do About Cremated Remains

At the time of making funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realise the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go, a place that you and your family can go back to, knowing that a loved one is there.

It has only recently been acknowledged that simply having a relative’s cremated remains scattered or buried in a garden of remembrance does not assist the healing process after the funeral. Today most cemeteries and crematoria offer the facilities of small graves that can be purchased solely for cremated remains. These ‘Cremated Remains’ graves can be visited by your family allowing you to pay your respects and mark the grave with a headston, tablet, flowersand anything that is permitted.

There are also other ways cremated remains can be used, i.e. Jewellery, Rose bush garden, scattered at sea and even put into fireworks! The list is endless.

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